I got a Sony a7s and a Canon 5d Mark iii.
Now both the a7 s and the 5d.
A combination of photography and video camera, but Sony launched the a7 s to appeal to a larger video audience.

While the 5d III is still mostly a
Photographer’s camera, etc. At one time it feels a little unfair. Ahead of this comparison because the 5d Mark III is still phenomenal so far.

The work of photographers said quite a few videographers are using the 5d III for video. That includes me, and for this video, them, unfortunately at the time canon turned on the new video.


Like uncompressed HDMI out and better sound
the control they still point videographers
To their professional line of cameras. Such as the C
300 that cost upwards of $12,000 if you need all of the above features now.

While many of us are still begging for features such as the best focus picking zebras. The best setting Canon has is showing no signs of budding.
Its position and that’s where the new Sony a7s comes in, because while the
While the sony a7s was a 24-megapixel camera that basically.

Asked photographers for the a7 s to get a
A brand new 12–megapixel chip that
allows for better pixel-level recording.
If you use a small growth factor.
1.1 X, and you can get crystal clear
sony a7s video recording is also filled with almost every video.

Feature under the sun and almost every button on this thing are customizable by you.
Can take any control you want and make it, however, you like it.
Controls you now if you’re looking for more information about the Sony a7s.
Check out our full review where we delve into the
camera, but for now, let’s take a look at

The main differences between this a7 s and the Canon 5d Mark III
The zebras and focus peaks are great, but it’s all about video quality and unfortunately, that’s where it’s at.


takes a serious turn for the worst side-by-side video makes the 5d look like you applied a blur filter to it.
Or had focus issues and the differences are drastic after that.
I don’t think I would be able to go back to the 5d mark III. To videotape at this point, if you’re a
videographer you could put that camera on sale and return it to the photographer where it belongs.
And this is coming from a guy who’s been a Canon shooter for a long time. And the Canon 5d Mark 3 and even the Canon 70d.

I use the film my cameras were with, but this game
Now. And we get to the different levels of camcorder that you take.
These two cameras are in low light and the a7s stay ahead again.
The ISO boost gives great results on both cameras, but it’s still beautiful.
Seeing the advantage for the a7 s and the sharper image on the a7 s also allows me a little more noise.
Reducing the post while saving to detail and the 5d III just
Makes me crave even more detail.

Without noise reduction on it can also report at up to 60fps at 1080p or 120fps at 720p and even 4k output with an external recorder. Now
That this recorder has problems such as
It’s not available yet, and that means.

You’re left to concentrate and then.
Start recording, and then you have to manually focus from there, which is the workflow easier. So far
The a7 slags a bit when tracking the focus pic on
Like a normal singlet with a single AF point.

While recording it as a huge advantage for me from the 5 mark III I can shoot with a wider aperture in the Sony just because I am confident.
My shots were unfocused a huge lack of wide aperture.
Lenses for Sony a7s f ii mount f4 is the widest zoom. Offered at the moment and the lack of wide-angle lenses and wide aperture lenses do remain.

I’m looking for something different right now if you’re coming from a Canon shooter.
The 5d III opens up a ton of options for lenses as well as great gear from Sigma and Tamron, which I have used a lot. Canon. should also send them a line of lenses if you’re worried about that big glass in front of that sensor.

Sony does offer an adapter that you can put on this camera, and it will give you some differences in the autofocus controls as well.
Like the normal type of autofocus system that you
would see on them. But you know it’s going to take away from the camera that you’re going to have to spend.

Another three hundred dollars to do it and you just have to deal with the extra mass and using an adapter, but what’s going to get you the regular Sony line…

Full frame lenses that are at least big glass now both of these cameras are still cameras. And this is where the
The 5d Mark 3 is going to take its place as the camera of choice, it’s just phenomenal photography. Especially the professional markets well the sony a7s
Makes great pictures a little more of a consumer-like
camera. Not too bad some pictures are even better than I get from the sony a7s but you know and win.

The low light battle when it comes to photos,
Also great dynamic range on those Sony Sensors. But with the 5d 3, I have 61 point dual card slots with autofocus.
The well-designed body is just a quick right change all the controllers here exactly where I want them, it’s just…

Professional camera photographers and this is not going to
change anytime soon in the whole a7 s it looks very much like it was done for video. When it comes to the options that
available it makes the 5d 3 feel like it’s the wrong camera for the job.

In a way, that’s okay since the 5d is more of a still camera than a video camera.
As much as Canon has sold a bunch of these cameras to videographers, and they seem fine promoting them for this task, and for that’s definitely what they’re focusing on.
A little more on the 5d 3 vs 5d mark ii, while the sony a7 a7s was not without its limitations, which I use.

In my full review of the Sony a7s using these cameras side by side
Made the 5d 3 just feel.
Wasn’t the camera I had in mind.


A tool to work with after using these two
cameras side by side with the Canon 5d was never ideal for video, but the a7 s makes it incredibly obvious and not just that it costs a thousand dollars.
However, the result was pretty straightforward for me if the video is primarily what you shoot the Canon 5d is no longer the tool for what you choose to replace.

With a completely different story, tons of options are now approaching to sell every day. And if you had to textbook camera comm for more information about these cameras we also have comparisons and reviews on each.
One of those things that comes out every day so feel free to get there.

Let me know your thoughts contact me on the contact form on the website and let me know what questions you have, but
so far for me, if anything, the Sony a7s has made it so clear that Canon is just not video-oriented in this market. And it was just to see that for videographers the 5d 3 is
something of the past and a new tool because the trade would be something.

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