This is the camera that two of my photographer friends decided to change their system too. They have been shooting for more than 10 years.
years. The sony alpha 7r III incorporates all the best of the well-proven second-generation 7r and many of the chips from the
reportage alpha 9.

Why it is so good and whether there is a real reason not to go to micro scans let’s deal with one red on all the same 42-megapixel full-frame
him sensory. Like its predecessor, so all the advantages of the sandwich ultrafast sensor alpha 9
we won’t see here, for example, the same reduced effect of the rolling shutter with electronic shutter insane speed
of the continuous shooting and the same fast autofocus.


It’s just that here all of these parameters are at an optimally sufficient level. The excessive measure the top shelf ais expanded to 32 thousand units with a software increase to a hundred thousand.
Up to 6400 you can get great results whichever value you choose. From 12,800 the picture starts to look like fire toilet paper and the further you go the worse it gets.

You can’t beat the leader in dynamic range on this parameter. Among full-frame cameras
Nikon d800 50 but there because of 64 so a bit unfair shooting in rum you are almost guaranteed to pull out all the details.
As long as you don’t err on the exposure by more than one notch in either direction. Matrix stabilization allows you to compensate for up to five and a half exposure steps.

Nothing new here though it’s still very cool. It’s just that we’re already used to the Nikon and prices such a hike will not get
ever. A continuous shooting speed of 10 frames per second with autofocus and tracking. That’s very close to what you get with a DSLR reportage, and that’s a lot for such a high resolution. And you’re gonna have to get
very high-capacity very fast and very expensive memory cards.

And in 2 or 3 of those, it’s much more like the
nine they are in the seventh series the grip is larger the torso is thicker the overall coverage is much better. Not least
such a grip was the result of the use of a new form kum with
increased capacity by a factor of two and a factor of two.
The same as in the alpha 9 I was able to take 600 +
photos and shoot up to 20 minutes of 4k video.


The excellent result compared to the rest of the alpha 7 series where the charge is just in front of 2 3 sharks should
Enough even for a very long 14-hour photo shoot. There is also another option the camera can charge via USB for example
from the power bank and simultaneously enter the shooting. And it opens up just limitless possibilities for autonomy.
For example for travel photographers who shoot away from civilization.


On the right edge of the two slots for sd cards one of which supports standards and part 2.
And the second one does not why only one why it is the bottom at the same time in the numbering of 1. And the card is inserted backward but if u
making a high-tech 42-megapixel camera that shoots in bursts of 10 100 megabytes not temples per second. What were you thinking sony engineers? If I put another card in the second slot then when I overflow 1.

I still won’t feel comfortable continuing to shoot. Why is it that in the same Panasonic ahs both
slots are fast? And here there is no large in the viewfinder with a resolution of 1280 by 960 pixels and a magnification of 078 x has 2 modes super detailed and with a faster refresh rate at the
The current stage of mirrorless development. I already find it hard to justify the lack of information in the optical viewfinder.


On a mirrorless camera, the 800 by 600 pixels display
to touch and swivel and swivel only vertically video selfies bloggers.
Security cancels you without an external display will not suit you sorry case.
Well, why can’t you make a normal swivel? Swivel like everyone else is happy that when you tilt the display
automatically locks the viewfinder proximity sensor, otherwise
It’s annoying on other cameras when it blurs when shooting from the chest.
back and forth. They added a joystick for quick selection of the focus point very convenient without options.

I can’t live without it on the other cameras, and I have to use the f button.
fn key. Here, in addition to it, there are four more fn keys, but that’s not all.
I can reassign every button on the body even if it has aisy or broach mode written on it.

But you need completely different functions for video than for photos in sony. That’s why they thought of that in a separate menu to
all the keys on the chassis for photo mode. And by
they duplicate by default what you set up for photo mode.
The ability to assign to any key call with a hold pre-configured custom settings is difficult.


Let me explain how it works. You shoot for example in manual mode with a single frame focusing without continuous shooting and at an aperture of f8. You have a landscape of some kind and then something happens nearby
that moves quickly in an incomprehensible direction. It is unclear what to do you squeeze one key and the shutter release key.

The camera immediately switches to pre-set tracking focus with auto iso continuous shooting tracking
aperture 28 and aperture priority.

Then release this button and go back to landscape shooting and such can be adjusted three keys.
And that’s not all on the mode dial there are 3 main items where you can write all the settings from any other item. Be it photo or video and switch between them 1 2.
For example, you often switch between video recording and aperture priority photography.

These items on the mode dial are far away from each other. There you just write these modes to 1 and 2.
Naturally, there is an fn menu where you can put 10 more items that you can select at your discretion.
The hybrid autofocus system has about 400 phase sensors and the same number of contrast sensors. Clings well to the
Object and tracks even in low light.


There is support for identifying faces in the frame and focusing by eye. In general, sharpening on the eye and
It’s a killer feature for those who shoot a lot of portraits. At an open aperture with a DSLR, you’ll know where
there’s an automatic. On the eye itself, an eyebrow or something else and no one canceled running front focus.

Here everything is very precise and predictable to shoot at
open apertures. With the same super-sharp prime from Zeiss and m from sony, it’s a pleasure. I’ve set it up for me to shoot frame-by-frame with the extended point. In normal mode with f, it took advantage of the
trick of pointing and scatting on the ariel button put the focus activation on the eye. And he put a set of settings on the center one to track uterine by shooting withhold.

It’s hard to imagine what other camera gives more choice and settings appeared the pixel shift function in the Ulta shouting.
The camera takes four frames with a matrix shift and a delay between frames of about a second.
Then you can connect them yourself in a special software p.k.

Here’s sony’s thoughtful truth why do it inside a camera that has a super-powerful processor capable of
processing 42-megapixel frames at 10 frames per second.
A feature for capturing exceptionally still scenes where you want extra detail with reduced noise and no bypass filter effect.


Video is recorded in UltraEdit resolution up to 30 frames per second.
No 60 fps cinema 4 key and 10 bits of new color as in the Panasonic j5. Like its predecessor, there is a mottled shooting mode for the super 35 formats in which the information is read without skipping
stricter. From the entire region of 5k resolutions and then recalculated into the final picture.

If before this mode needed to
print to get maximum detail. Now the difference from full frames is no longer so big it is is a good thing. Otherwise, forever shooting at full frame scrap is kind of a no-no.

It’s also a great way to get a 50% zoom-in on the image with all the details still intact and even increasing. В
On the whole, the quality of the video is reference as well as working at high iso
full HD there’s already a choice of framerate in a wide range from 30 to 120 fps. The 120 fps slow-motion can immediately
You can get it in a slow-motion file or you can do it yourself in the editor.

Then the bitrate will be slightly higher here input and
You can use the flat s-log 2 and s-log 3 modes to get more flexibility in professional color grading.
professional color correction.
They added support for Hybrid Long, and for the most advanced TV’s the average user of this is neither cold nor hot.
for the average user. Of course, there is NFC wifi and BlueTooth, so that the camera slowly and sat down put it in mode
air-play mod sony alpha 7r 3.


The camera turned out exactly as it was supposed to be
Originally a full-frame mirrorless camera.
Adequate autonomy excellent photo and video quality in all conditions.
Great autofocus fast burst shooting comfortable and easy to set up for yourself.
It’s expensive at more than $3,000, but well worth it, I officially say you can now take it for professional tasks.


The difference between the axis sony a7r iii vs a7r iv.
tell me what’s better what’s worse and what’s what
new noticed added of course you


The first thing that is noticed in the camera is the handle, which has become
noticeably larger and therefore more comfortable to hold the camera in your hands. The pinky finger no longer falls off and it lies exactly on the grip but
it depends on how big your hands are.
Now we have two slots and an hour or two they’re one like 7 rIII and it’s
pretty cool.

The button caps are much nicer to press and have better water resistance. This is immediately visible by the way they close tightly and it inspires confidence. The second improvement is the completely
new 5 and 7 million-dot viewfinder. It’s very graphic and you won’t find any pixels no matter how hard we try.
When you look in there you can watch a movie in 4k.

If you can somehow download it into the camera but most importantly
of course is the new full-frame sensor. Behind the backlight, at sixty-one megapixels there is no such number of megapixels in any full-frame camera. This is the most multi-megapixel camera. At the moment among full-frame cameras so you get a great graphon.

Looking in practice in the comparisons suck the world 3 detail
better detail more times as well as the resolution itself.
For example, on a clear 4k display of its own, I noticed a difference though a small difference. Between forty-two
megapixel, whether you need those 60 1 megapixels, is up to you


I’ll never give up the extra graphophone if it gives it away, why not take it. Word 61 megapixels is now in the file and weighs 120 megabytes have fun at 40 megabytes
more than before. And you can also do 2
40-megapixel pics up using the new improved pixel shift mode.
Which takes 16 pics at a time and then takes those 16 pics away.
Throw them in the sony program it stitches everything together and you get 240 megapixels that are like 19000. there are 12000 pixels a lot.

It looks very, very cool, but of course, you have to
remember that this model works when you’re shooting something to the max. Static without the slightest movement or else
there will be an artifact. And here we come to the most important thing – how the camera behaves at high iso and here we are doing quite well.

First of all the camera gives you a little belt in photo mode, but it’s not very noticeable.
It’s worse than world axis 3 in terms of noise but if we switch on video mode for example 4k. I can say that indirect comparison of the a7r
4k mode at full frame gave a picture soaring at 12800 iso and IP.

Roughly the same amount of noise that is if you shoot video top and noise it is the same as the same. Only worth noting,
that it now shoots a maximum of 20,000 ais in video mode. They are 32,000 as it was in 83 I almost always shoot in slog 2.

Because it controls the highlights well it doesn’t give too much shadow noise compared to slog 3. И
consequently, it made me happy when I found out that now on the north 4 you can shoot the minimum at 500 if sony a7r iii vs a7r iv minimum iso was 800 a nice bonus to
To test the camera.

I did three photoshoots in one day we picked up a
Backstage as it was done 2 street photo sets 1 photo set at the depot in the marketplace where it’s pretty warm. It’s so unpleasant.
lighting orange so there gave what bad such conditions for any camera. And what can I say the camera itself
showed itself perfectly. Autofocus is insane it’s so much faster than the camera.


It’s noticeable the most important that the auto foxy 8 4 appeared real-time tracking, which is now used here for
video as well as for photos.
That is, the focus on the eye is always tracking under the focus on the eye video mode.
Can you imagine yes there canon Nikon has been trying to do three second years? And here video I mean right now I have a square right here in around my eye. That means it focuses on my eye and it works. It always finds the eye even if I stand full height at the end of the room.

And most likely it will show focus on the eye too, and in the square, it’s insanely cool.
So not to be a cheater here I come up sharply and eye focus. I step back sharply and the eye of the casco comes up and the face
and my face is kind of in focus. So the autofocus here is just insanely fast. If you shoot like me with a stabilizer all on your camera, there run around shooting faces and stuff there is autofocus. You will not find a better camera, I tell you.

Of course, I made some tests with the model there to compare on the touched and the world 3 does not get, because there are no two lenses the same at the same time.
Because the speed of the lens also depends, for example, 85 14 g
master on sony it has a slow motor in the lens research. The focus can’t keep up with the camera, you seriously square the face
The face is blurry.

There’s like a corrective straight down the road trying to move
It’s the glass inside to keep up with the tastes themselves, but I have to find it. Some other glass there are a lot of them, but I kind of don’t have them filming.


Video now in super 35 modes you will have 6k blink aversion. This means the camera shoots 6k and then compresses it into a 4k file which is super detailed. And up to the picture, there is very detailed to say that for example, super 35 mode has less noise than full frame. I won’t because they
have about the same amount of noise.

In a few days, I noticed that the battery
is the same as the 83, so there’s no change here. I also tried a new wi-fi module that directly transmits
to your computer.
So you can take pictures and upload them to your computer at the same time.

Opens shows camber in the program that is if you are in the studio this pathos I have a MacBook see everything.
You shoot the model and there is a photo transfer to the computer at the same time they are not very fast. It also depends on the wi-fi router and which is there and
hence files of 120 megabytes on average end up on your computer. It turns out in about six seconds maybe
under 10.


The sony digital microphone which is not invented due to the digital connectors on the shoe which is on top of the camera.
Because it transmits completely digital sound and the camera doesn’t have to
convert. The analog sound comes out of the microphone
through the amplifier that converts it into a digital record file. Now it directly goes straight to the sound file, not
through the camera’s amplifier and the sound comes out cleaner without artifacts.

There’s a noise reduction feature you push and you talk
on the camera like in the vlog and the street and the people around are isolated. Also
Another trick that I noticed is that the shutter on the axis of world 4 it slams weaker and quieter.


Less vibration, therefore, less chance that you have a blurred picture. Like 61 megapixels there’s more of a chance
of blurry pictures than the 40 3 megapixels.
But luckily it’s kind of all good and there are no such strong vibrations. This is where I want to say that I’m not exactly sure
that the matrix stabilization has gotten better. And noticeably I don’t
I don’t know why it’s still the same and 5 5 steps like it’s 73.

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