Glad to welcome you today to my review radio Yaesu ft-60r
dual-band amateur radio station
which design meets the requirements of military standard std 810 so the station has
increased protection against shock, vibration, dust, and moisture.

Included in the basic kit universal spiral antenna
is designed for universal use in the amateur bands 2 meters and 70 centimeters,
However, for more efficient operation of the transmitter and better
quality operation of the receiver within the operating bands are optionally available, albeit less broadband but
much higher effective many

Operating frequency channel active battery status and battery voltage functions, as well as received signal level and other important information is displayed on the multifunctional liquid crystal display with different

Now do not be afraid of the battery itself in the radio added a new feature pidgin Gaia system filed
squelch and peas within the basic version of the station is equipped with a frame decoder 10s and city series with the system auto radius steady radio and RTS vertex standard.
Produces lithium battery for walkie-talkie 83 7 and 2 volt a thousand 400 milliampere-hour fast charger sits 29 and slow charger INS 8080 the radio is programmable both manually and from a personal computer software works under windows operating system

the radio station operates in transmission in two most common for Vince bands under 137
to 174 megahertz and you reach from 420 to 470 megahertz and in reception, it can function on bands from 108 to520 and 700 to 900 99.99 megahertz jack frequency stops range from 5 to 100 kilohertz for communication

FM modulation is used and for reception, you can use both frequency and amplitude modulation depending on
operating frequency adjustment is carried out using the rotary knob or the two knobs, however, direct input of the
the operating frequency with the numeric keyboard all functions are set up in fifty-six menu items
most frequently used menu items can be assigned programmatically


regular antenna sucks full of crap jack for
headset connector made very poorly constantly falls out
no charge indicator KB menu accessories are not cheap can not work in two bands simultaneously
the base battery is nickel-cadmium six standard 2 cans.


Super reliable powerful many accessories the ability to
SPC tuning fair take x weakly killable
professional walkie-talkie reliability wide range pretty decent receiver sensitivity Japanese
build quality can be programmed from the computer
write your comments. See you later make the right

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