Pentax Kp vs K3ii Review

Pentax Kp vs K3ii

Pentax Kp vs K3ii Review

The K-3 II is marketed as an outdoor camera. Makes sense considering that it has features like pixel offset, built-in GPS, with astro…
Tracking, weather resistance, cold resistance, has no anti-aliasing filter. It’s a magnesium alloy housing, and it has automatic horizon correction with a displacement sensor.

So there are a lot of features aimed at this outdoor photography. It’s a traditional SLR camera.
That means an optical viewfinder. In this case, Pentax usually puts really nice big viewfinders in cameras. It’s APS-C, but it has a 100% view, 0.95x magnification. It’s a real pentaprism, not a pentamirror.


One of the strengths of Pentax cameras is their ergonomics. Layout
controls. This works for many styles of photography. In this case, it seems to be.
Similar to my K-5 with an adjustment to newer technology, of course. The shutter speed goes up to 1/8000th of a second. That’s on high APS-C cameras.


The K-3 II has, as usual, reduced camera shake. This one has a 4.5 stop rating. That’s good because you can use a lot of old Pentax lenses and still get
this shake reduction. You can get wireless with this camera, but you need a special FLU card. You put it in the second card slot. So that’s
kind of a drawback, but at least it’s there. Of course, the camera has a USB port.

But it’s rated 3.0, which should be faster than most cameras. You can record
in DNG format as well as PEF format. It’s nice to have DNG. A little
more flexible.


So, let’s get into the negatives of this camera. No built-in
Flash. If that’s your thing, it’s going to be a negative. I don’t see that as
issue. You have a hot shoe to use the flash whenever you want. On the other side of the
things you get the built-in GPS, which is very good, and you probably have better.

Weather resistance because of less stuff you have to seal. I haven’t noticed though.
Any issues with autofocus, just try a quick one in the camera store. I have always had issues with my Pentax cameras in autofocus they are not.

As consistent as I am now, but hopefully with this camera it will
Improved a lot compared to what I had.

After working with this camera, you see that Pentax still has short arms. Same case with my old K-5. The handle
Is still pretty comfortable. Personally, I miss it a bit. I would
highly recommend you buy an extra camera grip because it helps
Huge amount. It’s much better with that grip if you have bigger hands. Video
recording modes are limited. With a maximum resolution of 1080p 30 fps….


This is an old camera, so that’s understandable, but the bottom of these
days. There are a lot of positives in this camera. The DNG RAW format is well
supported. The maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 second is good.
This is on high APS-C cameras. Dual card slots. Good for backup and other
situations. Integrated GPS with astro tracking.

Provides longer exposure times
before you get blurry stars with GPS data. So it’s actually a
interesting feature. There is no anti-aliasing filter. That means you can get sharper
Photos. But if you want aliasing to avoid moiré, you have that option.

Using the ability to shake the sensor to basically reproduce smoothing. So,
it has the best of both worlds in this case. As far as video is concerned, it has
headphone and microphone ports, which can be useful. If you want to get some clips
with an extra microphone and keep an eye on the sound. The Pentax K-mount has a very long
History. You can adapt M42 screw mount lenses to the camera. You can do
With the old lenses.


If you’re interested. Pentax has a lot of unique features.
Even their control circuits have TV, AV, TAV and a “green button”. I have
old videos on this thing–you check them out, but mostly. They’re
Different ways of controlling the camera, and they can be useful. Overall.
The Pentax K-3 II is a very unique camera with a lot of features. I think.
It’s a good option for photography.


The PENTAX KP is a next-generation digital SLR camera that is effective in capturing clear moments under any challenge (low light or difficult climatic conditions), in the form of images of exceptional high quality with reasonable color recovery.

Compact body

PENTAX engineers have significantly reduced the size of the camera body, and lightened its weight, focusing on motion. The PENTAX KP includes a small size with a set of sophisticated features, making it a useful tool not only for everyday shooting, but also when traveling in difficult weather conditions.

Very high ISO sensitivity, images with the highest possible resolution.

The PENTAX KP integrates a next-generation CMOS sensor with PRIME IV processor for high ISO performance without noise. Even when shooting at high ISO settings, the PENTAX KP captures high-quality, reasonable images with abundant gradations of hue as well as appearance. At any ISO sensitivity level, you get pictures of superb quality.

Shake Decrease II advanced technology and interchangeable grips.

The PENTAX KP features a 5-axis SRII (Shake Reduction II*) stabilization system, which compensates not only for typical camera shake when shooting handheld, but also for additional horizontal and vertical shifts. The effectiveness of the PENTAX KP stabilization system lies in five direct exposure actions.

Pixel shift resolution state-of-the-art technology

Exclusive state-of-the-art technology for adding sharp pictures with realistic recreation of shadows
The PENTAX KP includes Pixel Shift Resolution*, which captures four frames of the same scene, moving the sensor by one pixel each time, then combining the frames directly into a single ultra-high-resolution image.

SAFOX 12 high-precision autofocus component with 27 sensing elements.

The PENTAX KP includes both a fast and accurate SAFOX 12 autofocus module – with 27 focus sensors to quickly capture as well as reliably keep the subject sharp, and to focus on the subject if it leaves the originally selected location using nearby points. The 27 focus sensors, 25 of which are cross-shaped, provide reliable and quick control of the autofocus system.


The electronic camera attributes that really is an expert as well as loves its means. feels the method as well as takes care of it as well as the way it can be focused on the subject.

Major differences

SpecsPentax K-3 IIPentax KP
Total megapixels24.7124.96
Effective megapixels24.3524.32
ISO sensitivityAuto, 100 - 51200Auto, 100-819200
Max. shutter speed1/8000 sec1/6000 sec
Screen size3.23
Screen resolution1,037,000 dots921,600 dots
USB 3.0 (5 GBit/sec)USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
BatteryRechargeable Li-Ion battery D-LI90D-LI109 lithium-ion battery
Dimensions131.3 x 100 x 77.5 mm132 x 101 x 76 mm

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