The Panasonic Lumix DC–ZS200 is the world’s exceptional 1–inch handheld digital camera. It relaxes next to the TZ100, which includes a 24–360mm F3.3–6.4 Equiv. contrast lens with a 25–250mm F2.8–5.9 Equiv.


The Panasonic also has low–power Bluetooth in addition to Wi-Fi. The Panasonic additionally contains a gray L. in addition to a brand new HD video clip included with 120 structural capture settings for each.

The Panasonic Lumix is a widely acclaimed mobile digital internet camera with a long zoom. It features a 24–360mm lens as well as a 1–inch sensor system.


Image sensor: 20.1MP 1–inch BSI CMOS
Optics: 24–360mm F3.3–6.4
Viewfinder: 2.33Mp with 0.53x equivalent magnification
Continuous Shooting Speed: 10 fps (AF–S), 6 fps burst (AF–C)
Stabilization: 5–axis
Video recording: UHD 4K/24/25/30p
Display: 3 inches, touch screen
Autofocus: DFD
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
4K Photo
USB Charging



It is also the follower of the ZS100, with a much longer lens. While the size of the lens did not improve the size of the camcorder, it did increase its weight.

Just keep in mind that the zoom has made the lens slower. It also can’t take care of a lot of light, so it creates even more sound.

The digital viewfinder is 15% larger than its predecessor. The digital camera does not have a fast lens, nevertheless, this sacrifice was created by the density function.


With 4K Pictures, you can make a collection of 4K video files along with a selection.

It also has a collection creation attribute that can make a group of pictures. And also additionally stitch them together.

Unlike other similar digital cameras, the ZS200 wins the battle.

It’s additionally much better if it consists of touch level sensitivity, together with the choice to record a video clip. The rubberized plan is a great repair, but it’s passed on to sport small switches. Which are restricted on the rear panel. The downside of the camera is the existing LCD: it’s been taken care of.

This is disconcerting given that a large number of other compacts are the same size. Currently can rotate.

The ISO car function on the ZS200 is a bit undesirable. Its use may result in a significant drop in shutter price. It is only to keep the ISO low. Along with the incredibly slow shutter price movement, which is not always optimal for a long camcorder. With direct exposure. In addition to a very slow shutter speed, you have to choose an upper ISO limit.

Even though there are much better choices out there. When it comes to exceptional video quality, it is likely to provide excellent video quality. It doesn’t perform well in low-light conditions.

In addition to the extra 4K video is a bit loud – it just seems dialed in.

The Panasonic Lumix ZS200 has a particularly comparable 20-megapixel BSI CMOS sensitivity system on many other Panasonic versions. The digital electronic camcorder works in the RAW design along with JPEG design. It has much better accuracy in the dark.

The camera also uses an equivalent depth of autofocus with Defocus comparison detector. This compares to many other layouts made by members of the relative Panasonic. It is respectable, incredibly fantastic at tracking objects.


Also pleased with the updated Panasonic menu, which is much better organized and offers convenient use of the features you want. It also offers a “My Menu” tab where you can store the menu options you use most often.

Also interesting is the new L. Monochrome. This muted b/w is very nice and is liked by many photographers. It’s great for reportage photography.
Battery life.

Mobile electronic cameras tend to provide one of the most excruciating periods of battery life. According to preliminary information, Panasonic’s designers are working to understand much more reliable power consumption.

Menu for full mastering it is necessary to keep the manual at hand at all times. In the main manual is a QR code for downloading from the developer’s website more advanced instructions on 308 pages. The enclosed program “PHOTOfunSTUDIO 10.0 AE” to import photos, video and work with 4K photos. 4K photos are saved in an MP4 file with all the consequences (editing with video editors and capturing individual frames).



It’s a 1–inch small digital network camcorder with a significant variety of telephoto shooting.
It’s not as complicated as other equivalent electronic webcams.
It has a rubberized understanding which is a reconstruction over its predecessor.
It has much more battery life than equal alternatives.
The device has a touch screen, which allows you to focus by selecting an object on the screen, just like on a smartphone. This is a huge plus for me.


Similar to the Panasonic Lumix ZS200, only with a longer lens that is also slow.
It has a sluggishly moving operating lens.
Also has an annoying ISO quality for cars.

Capturing video clips: DPReview.


The Panasonic Lumix DC–ZS200 is an intriguing digital camera, consisting of 1–inch handhelds around the world. It is also a well-known mobile electronic camera with full electronic zoom. The Panasonic Lumix is a well-known handheld electronic video camera with a wide range of focal lengths outside the United States, as well as a similar camera in Canada.

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