The difference between lenovo yoga c930 vs c940 we’re going to find out if you buy this brick on a deal that old model…
Or, in fact, you should just buy a new
model, because actually here this model
Is very different from that one. There’s a big improvement in that now first of all they look very similar.
Build quality as well as this beautiful order you know, the dark gray color is the same grade quality construction, and they are both
premium products you know.


Made in aluminum here or the aluminum keyboard and
trackpad feel almost identical.
Not to mention that they are identical. Now the first thing you’ll see. Looking at them side by side, there’s a look at that and the bezels that you know they’re bigger.
It’s a big area that you can see that they’re both fourteen inches.
Laptops are actually fourteen inches is thirteen point nine so you know.

Pretty much the same displays are different, even though they’re very
similar in size, it’s 400 nits they’re both full HD displays and this one here
You can pick up something like GDR. Which is 4k HD you can get 4k on this model is old but it’s not.
Just as good as a 4k HDR on the new 940, so.
It’s a 930, it’s a 940, now I actually…
Got the 930 using it, I never noticed the bezels or anything like that, but when you put them side by side a little difference can be seen.

What are the main differences, other than its imprint now I usually say, pick up the old model when the new one comes out.
The old model, I’ll try to get this one. Because there are significant differences.
First of all isolate the 10 nanometer processor
you have an eighth-generation processor and here, so it’s temperature…


CPU wise, you won’t notice that big difference between the two, but graphically it has Irish Plus graphics.
And that doesn’t mean that there’s a big difference in the graphics we’re 2 times the
graphics performance here, so it’s going to have better performance per watt 10. The nanometer latest architecture and with
new architecture it has less vulnerability, whereas this
probably a little bit more crippled you know patch for you know
The CPU is here and this one isn’t.

It takes so many patches that I recognize. My full review of which one has better battery life, but this one should have
Best battery life best performance
per watt.
They both have a 65 watt-hour adapter which you know USB see that both had for the third Thunderbolt is the same type.

Lenovo Yoga C930


The port and both batteries are 60 watt hours each but considering this is the latest generation.
10 nanometer should be more power efficient now you would assume the display would be more energy efficient
too, but I don’t know that for sure yet.
One has a better battery life thing which may contribute to the battery life is that this one has Wi-Fi 6.
One has Wi-Fi 5, so Wi-Fi X Wi-Fi AC now
it won’t make any difference if you don’t have a Wi-Fi 6 router, but if you
haven’t upgraded your Wi-Fi router or definitely get a Wi-Fi 6 router.

With that better latency better Wi-Fi 6 transmission speeds are real and it’s definitely worth getting in there.
So it’s going to help extend battery life data speeds, etc.
Although now it’s already a big area you know 1.3 6 lbs vs 1.3 5 lbs.
Both around the 3 pound mark. I can’t footnote, other than the footprint, any difference in handling them both.
Weight conditions now you can get 16 gigabytes with both, but you get lpddr4 X and that’s 3 X on that, so…


We’re talking about memory speeds from your familiar 3700 megahertz versus whatever it is, 2666, so…
The efficiency of lpddr4 X should be more power efficient is not only that faster and more efficient that helps the graphics having
fast memory and it just helps overall now in terms of display.
Mentioned that they both display in Full HD one of the 400 nits they didn’t even list.
This is an old tester.
But you can get HDR with this one, so.
The 500 knitters are now this one, it seems.


Slightly less shiny than the brightness of this looks like it will be lighter if you look at the differences in white, which is a nice clean white, maybe blue to the touch, but it’s a pretty clean white that looks clean white to me it looks yellowish atmospheric.

The speakers look the same with this model
We have these antenna lines. There is a slight difference with the
ventilation on the bottom – you can yes, different ventilation
Different CPU different GPU, but it’s not.
There are antenna lines, so anyway there is just a quick overview of what are the differences between them I would not
pick up an older model, unless you
can get a really good deal, as in fact
really good.

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