The  HP Spectre Pro X360 is a fantastic computer. A good memory device with ample storage space and a state-of-the-art 6th generation processor.
It looks and feels amazing to you, that’s all.

I was very impressed with the HP x-360 Spektre it’s sleek stylish stunning design with a clean sleek finish. Replaces the classic HP logo with a sleek cooling unit and a miserable crossover unit.
This Pro X 360 device comes in several models.

It comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM 256
Kilobyte storage on an SSD hard drive.
Intel Core i7 6600 processors do with a processor speed of 2.6 GHz and 56
HP white lithium-ion battery also has Windows 10 by default. The operating system bats, so if you
had to say, it’s impressive.


Glossy 13.3-inch.
LED backbit touch screen resolution on this model is 2560 by 1440.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how cool the screen appears even when doing simple tasks. There is
slight issue of joy from the G to the glossy.
Finish so that it’s not a huge obstacle.

I was able to complete my daily tasks
with ease was another pleasant surprise.
The touch screen is highly responsive and is absolutely no time-lapse.
Touch and mouse control, performance if pretty good. The next 360 function can be seen with all most of you laptop and tablet. So at 1.4
Kilograms its tablet function is rather superfluous and rather inconvenient to hold a good function.

And it doesn’t interfere with the device specs, but it did affect the price.
Improving its performance according to the specification.


The Pro X 360 comes with a set of ports and for such a device I was happy.
To see it get the features of the 3 3.0 USB ports
1 HDMI port 1 minute DisplayPort one full SD card slot and an AC power outlet and microphone jack for headphones included.

This is another attractive feature for anyone.
Business person or woman, anyone working as
they travel have the ability to use
multiple external input devices.
Immediately HP offered a free 30-day trial for Office 365 again makes this a friend in all things business.

I took the HP Spectre Pro as my work.
Laptop for a day to see how long its
Battery really lasts, and B. How can it be used
In business as a digital marketer. My first task is to check all social media, sites for any comments or requests from our customers. And also to keep the business up to date with the latest trends.

I found that with a good Wi-Fi connection, the specs are in several places at once.
And has a very short load time from the search engine site. I can then jump into a PowerPoint presentation or in writing a blog post for our new blog site.
The page stays on our favorite cameras for the

Inspiration from burning our blog that I found The spec suggests that the keyboard is a dream thieves responded almost quietly and comfortably located all but the Enter key. It seems to have been compressed seems abnormally large.


This device is quite even with heavy use
For the winning fans and equestrian people. As
Microsoft partner the HP Spectre x-360 has an app for Windows. Where you can download all your favorite apps like Netflix Instagram Twitter Facebook.
And much more with the Intel HD 520 graphics chip, the colors really shine when watching your favorite shows.

I also took a look at the game inside this device, for which the touch screen works well.
Any games and device from the Windows Store were and smooth in games like League.


When trying to play heavier games, as it were.
It’s not like what we were looking at.
Star Wars Battlefront and the image became slow and disjointed. The game was almost unfeasible, although it looked
fantastic that I ran into a few problems.
With this device, for example, battery life then claimed up to 12 hours I was a rather disappointing 6.7 per hour.

The life I got didn’t ask me for a full
working day, which was said to have been put in.
With fairly heavy use of several programs
and by 4 hours I was at 50% of the seventh hour the battery was dead.


The other issue was the track pad on the size of the iPhone 6s. I think it’s safe.
To say it’s too big, and then the center
Right and left alignment is rather annoying that it’s safe.
Let’s say it’s not a gaming laptop, but it doesn’t claim to be classy.

A responsive and fairly versatile device, and then click with it for performance and ease of use.
As a slim device while holding so many ports for a thousand three one hundred and ninety-nine pounds. Although I
would really have to try to put up with it.

Nevertheless, the release of the track pad primarily as a
business laptop this class of torreon machine. Definitely is one to consider creating.

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