HP 17-by0053cl 17.3″ HD+ Laptop

HP 17-by0053cl 17.3″ HD+ Laptop, Intel Core i5

A 17.3-inch laptop with a smart core i5 it has 8 gigabytes of memory and 256 gigabytes of ssd and it’s jet black, so…
This laptop’s keyboard isn’t lit,but it’s a 17.3-inch screen,so that’s nice.
And big, like go to the corner also it’s not a touch screen, it has graphics information. And the graphics processor speed
The base is one gigahertz windows 10 home operating system.
S-mode is fine, so it has headphone jacks as well as
three USB ports and it has USB 2.0.

Type a port and it has two type USB 3.0 a ports and it has one chadmi
and two type 8 usb 3.1 ports and it has a screen resolution of 1600 by 900.
It’s widescreen LED and it has an ethernet wire for connection. And it also comes with built-in wi-fi and it’s bluetooth enabled and there’s a camera right on top here with a microphone.

This laptop also comes with a dvd drive rw and the software is an included hp support help
netflix dropbox has 25 gigabytes of cloud storage.
Which is free for one year, it has hp.
Jumpstart it has hb anti-displacement protection, DVD and playback it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty
on parts for one year. And the manufacturer’s warranty on the labor
Also for one year.

So this is a laptop that I use on a
on a daily basis, which is basically editing my video.
I watch shows on the internet, burning CDs but yeah, it’s like everyday use. For this laptop, I’ll just show…
you’re on the side of the ports and everything they have speakers up here
And that came out quite recently. It’s nice and smooth, and the picture
The quality is really good.

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