When preparing to review available speakers, I normally assemble a list of potential prospects that I have located in audio programs, or that have been suggested to me by other Stereophile writers. power of the DALI Zensor 1 bookshelf speakers lasted several years.

Already they’re not main, these lack a doubt a few of one of the most effective audio speakers you can obtain for less than $500.


Take a look at the cues in the Zensor 1 audio speakers that you’re taking a look at something one–of–a–kind. The combination of black compounds, as well as lightweight lightweight aluminum, just places the Zensor 1 in a group of its own.

DALI gives a choice of plastic coverings including black ash, white, and our favored, light walnut. Despite which one you come from, you can be sure to have a quite stylish collection of rack speakers.
The Zensor 1 shelf audio speaker is the tiniest of the 3 Zensors, all of which have many design requirements. The Zensor 1’s woofer has a 5.25–inch cone of fine-grained paper pulp strengthened with wood fibers for a combination of rigidity as well as agility.


The option of DALI transducers for this growth is rather interesting. They utilized a lightweight dome tweeter that can be found in a lot more pricey DALI layouts. Among the excellent things about this tweeter is the renovation in damping under the dome. Underneath it is the popular 5.25–inch Zensor 1 woofer.

DALI offers an amplifier that can deliver anywhere from 25 to 100 watts of power. We have a semi–magnetic fixation, which is essentially typical in this cost array, yet it’s still worth stating something.

The nature of the elements that DALI selected to utilize in this case goes over considering the expense. Part of the reason the Zensor 1 was, and also still is, among the most effective speakers you can get for less than a grand.


One point you will see as soon as possible is the degree of visibility that these audio speakers give. This is not to state that the Zensor ones are recommendation screens. DALI has taken treatment to discover the ideal equilibrium between high quality, precision, as well as color. The needs are passionate as well as slick, leading right into the cozy mids. As quickly as you come down in the regularity variety, the woofer starts to act with rather some activity.

This causes the Zensor 1 to appear much larger than they are. The only disadvantage to these audio speakers is the approach of controlling the tool to huge areas. Skillfully executed, the Zensor 1 collection will go toe to toe with far more costly collections as well as often wind up in the front row.


DALI’s Zensor 1 recognized audio speakers may have been around for some time, yet their efficiency is still high. When seen in the context of their existing value, they just control.


The Zensor collection is DALI’s attempt to create an entry-level audio speaker collection that they assert fulfills “the greatest criterion at any cost factor” – something that DALI has pursued over the years in all of its product lines.

One point you will see right away is the level of visibility that these audio speakers offer. This creates the Zensor 1 to appear a lot bigger than they are. The only drawback to these audio speakers is the technique of regulating the medium to big areas. Cleverly executed, the Zensor 1 collection will go toe to toe with much a lot more pricey collections as well as often end up in the front row.

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