Cambridge Audio Azur 851A sound power amplifiers with typical British blood have always attracted many audiophiles with their simple layout. And also with a natural British sound. The new Cambridge Sound Azur 851A continues the traditional Cambridge Sound design, and the sound quality is very British.


Mention Cambridge Audio many people will recognize from it. Cambridge Sound has a long history as a traditional British audio brand. With its basic and fashionable layout and a soft and natural sound, it has caught the attention of many song lovers.

Power amplifiers, CD players, DAC decoders, etc. Cambridge’s sound performance has always been exceptionally high. The standard British voice has a stylish singing appeal, soft. As well has a pleasant, fragile sound, and also has a wonderful British design. Cambridge Audio is a long-standing brand of audio in the UK, applauded by many audio fanatics. For its trendy as well as simple appearance, gentle and soft singing as well as unique sound correction capabilities. An attribute of the Cambridge sound Azur 851 collection.


This time we introduce Cambridge Sound’s new power amplifier, the Azur 851A Consolidated Power Amplifier. The look of the Azur 851A still retains the minimalism that Cambridge Audio has always had. The cabinet is made of metal, and the inside is very sturdy. The overall look is solid and dignified. The Azur851A uses a large LED display. To display the operating status of the power amplifier, which is intuitive and easy to understand.

On the front side, the Azur 851A panel is refined and the function keys are prepared in an orderly fashion. From left to right are buttons such as the power switch, headphone input, A / B switch, treble/bass adjustment, through-channel setting, and volume change. The overall aesthetic gives people a sense of leisure and enjoyment. It’s worth noting that the Azur 851A’s front surface style is really practical. With a large arrangement of heat dissipation holes are dispersed across the front surface. They can effectively dissipate heat during use and provide stability.


The Azur 851A has many user interfaces on the rear panel. Including an analog RCA user interface as well as a balanced interface. There are two sets of An and B audio speakers on the rear panel. You can connect them to two collections of audio speakers at the same time. And you can listen interactively to different tones. The Azur 851A’s well-balanced user interface has greatly improved the quality of its workmanship. Usually, the balanced user interface is only present in premium models. The sound reproduction obtained with the well-balanced interface connection technique is also more direct and clean. Azur 851a Cambridge sound rear panel.


Cambridge products have continually welcomed the support of sound fanatics because of their performance advantages. As a mid-range Cambridge power amplifier, the Azur 851A even has the performance qualities of a Hi-End power amplifier. The resulting power output is 120 watts (8 ohms). This is enough to handle a variety of audio speakers, and the sound efficiency is both natural and real.

The Azur 851A is equipped with state-of-the-art CAP5 protection technology. Which can offer the necessary protection in many scenarios, such as the current protection gadget. It can protect the amplifier from damage due to the reduced insensitivity of the speakers. Temperature level protection avoids damage caused by insufficient heat dissipation. In addition, there is constant current monitoring. To prevent short circuit problems caused by inaccurate wiring. The Azur 851A cabinet is made of an all-aluminum alloy. And not only provides excellent insulation but also prevents problems such as resonance.


1) Built-in, unique, high-quality XD class sound amplifier circuitry. Successfully getting rid of crossover distortion. Output power reaches 120 watts x 2 (8-ohm parts) and 200 watts x 2 (4-ohm parts), enough to handle large speakers.

2) Fully balanced progressive volume control technology. Which varies precisely by 1dB, properly preserving the balance of the left and right networks.

3) The front phase has an independent toroidal transformer to suppress audio noise.

4) The last stage uses a high-capacity toroidal transformer. Also, the left and right channels are equipped with independent rectifier capacitors and filter capacitors to provide the necessary energy.

5) The one-of-a-kind heat sink increases the heat dissipation of the power tube. And also prolongs lamp life. This simultaneously protects and insulates the special transformer of the next stage.

6) Heavy all-metal housing, thick aluminum panel. The huge display shows clear operating information. The 851A has well-balanced RCA and XLR inputs, allowing for a variety of devices.


As far as tone is concerned, in our opinion, Cambridge Sound gives me a sense of balance, gentleness, and softness. After years of experience and improvements, what kind of premium performance will this Azur851A have? With the continued growth of the sound industry, premium power amplifiers will be inseparable from standard CD players or electronic gamers. The affordable cost of the Azur851A is also a factor that attracts many sound fanatics.

The tune “Scarborough Fair” touches the heart. Among the famous and effective individual tunes of the 20th century, “Scarborough Fair” was used as an episode of the 40th Oscar-winning film “Grad.” The tune is poignant and gives people a sincere connection. Scarborough Fair’s version with guitar accompaniment.


Now the effectiveness of the Azur 851A is not only caring, but moving, and there is no sense of powerlessness. The intensity of playing the whole tune is well balanced. Details emerge and are also filled with feeling. Both vibrato and guitar dynamics are distinguishable. The noise is clear as well as loud, clear, and fast, and the guitar chords are full as if they were playing right before my eyes.

Explore the control as well as the low-end performance of the Azur851A with effective percussion songs. “Ondekoza” makes them. “Ondekoza” consists of traditional percussion drums as the main instrument. And its performance abounds with pure music and the mystical atmosphere of the old Japanese country. A variety of drum types, sizes, pitches, and timbres create a captivating sound.


The Azur 851A restoration incredibly imitates the scene. The drum beats fall just like the sound of a real drum. The low-frequency dip is deep and also effective. The intertwining percussion of numerous drums is not just chaotic, but amazing. In interpreting the entire track, the Azur 851A’s low-frequency regulator deserves high praise. It captures the power and sense of speed of this track. There is no exaggerated sense of quantity in anything, and it feels perfect.

The melody of “El Condor Pasha” is full of amazing expressiveness. There are no verses in this track, but just a couple of short spellings, which sincerely reveals the singer’s love for the land. The track is full of excitement that tests the handling of the machinery.


The first thing the Azur 851A presents is a powerful and dense sound field with a strong sense of energy.  The treble quality is excellent, with no harshness or sound interruption, bright and pleasant. The intermediate frequency is full and charming, and the description is detailed and accurate. There is a good sense of sound density, and the spirit of the sound permeates the soul.

The vocal performance of the Azur 851A is well controlled in terms of emotion. In interpreting the entire song, the Azur851A’s bass control is commendable. It properly reflects the power and speed of this song. There is no exaggerated sense of volume, and it feels just right. The Cambridge Audio Azur 851A, in terms of low-frequency performance, the speed is consistent, neither fast nor slow, and the sense of volume is great, which is rare.


The Azur851A’s sound is rich and full. The voice is upbeat, bright, and natural. Sufficient dynamics, sufficient energy, and ease of operation, with a simple and stylish appearance, the price is appropriate, and the quality is high.

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