Bengoo G9000 stereo gaming headset is a basic type of gaming headset for PlayStation 4, Xbox one COMPUTER, Laptops, and Mac Gamings that provides a great sound field, sound quality, and shocking experience capable of playing various video games. Perfect for the gamer!

Now among the most pressing questions, you might ask is how does the Bengoo G9000 headset contrast with Turtle Shoreline, Razer, Sennheiser, or Bose brand headsets? Well, it doesn’t.
The Bengoo G9000 is an accessibility variation and one of the most reliable headsets under $30 that you can buy for your PS4 or Xbox One right now. If you are likely to limit your search to headsets under $30. You’ll certainly get a lot of pages of devices with hard to articulate names as well as promising specs.


The Bengoo G9000’s microphone, and high-quality sound.
If you’re expecting immersive Dolby Atmos 7.1 sound, you’ll certainly be let down. The Bengoo G9000’s high sound quality exceeds all requirements for COMPUTER, PS4, as well as Xbox One video game headsets.

This is a stereo headset that uses 40mm neodymium drivers and additionally reproduces a practical amount of bass. If you’re a fan of heavy bass tracks or like loud and clear in-ear listening, you’ll catch the thumping bass. Otherwise, you might find it a little disappointing.

When it comes to the microphone, it is entirely directional, and it gets your voice extremely. There is no requirement to boost your voice to make sure your colleagues can hear you. Nevertheless, this bonus is also a blessing in addition.
The microphone does provide the clarity your voice needs, but it has changed additionally to my preference. The microphone makes a lot of ambient noise, such as the noise of a fan blowing in your neighborhood, or the hum of a car engine if your house window is open.

Bengoo G9000 Comfort and high build quality.
Don’t worry if you’re looking for a PC headset spending plan for video games. Or you want to shell out $300 in addition to the newest as well as the greatest gadget, lightness should certainly be your main concern. If you’re putting the headset on your glasses, you should also make sure that the headset doesn’t stress your sanctuaries.

Chances are you’ll have to clean your headphones wet and tidy when you’re done using the headset. The Bengoo G9000 is a corded headset, and the lack of batteries makes it lightweight.

The G9000 does seem surprisingly durable for a tool priced under $30. It’s a behind-the-ear headset that includes basic amount control switches and additionally blue LED indicators (no, you can’t change the color). If you prefer to use the headset with an older version of the Xbox One, you’ll need a different adapter.

If you are plugging the headset into a COMPUTER SYSTEM, and want to pay attention to sound in addition to using a microphone at the same time, you will need a splitter cable.


The product received an overall rating of 9.56 out of 10.
Based on customer reviews related to 8 features:
Property Owner Satisfaction, Video Games, Noise Quality, Family Friendly, Control and Capability, Cash Value, Sound Cancellation, and Comfort.


Overall, the Bengoo G9000 exceeded my assumptions regarding sound quality. It remained crisp in all systems. If you have a limited budget strategy, and you also assume you can withstand those barriers, you certainly won’t go wrong with the Bengoo.

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