Sooner or later, it was the biggest screen and the fastest processor.
Nowadays, we want flexibility as well as speed.
For example, the laptop’s ability to also doodle, so we don’t have to carry two devices.

So I understand that and I’m coming up with more and more…
Laptops that meet this wedge this flip 14 pool. An example of whether you see this laptop open
this laptop open or closed immediately catches your eye.
Thanks to its gold finish exterior and stylish gold
finish on the inside.
Because the design is asus accustomed, and it is particularly striking
How thin this laptop is only 17.6 mm.


To be precise and partly because of this I also weigh only 1.4
Kilograms and since then and note that we
still need to be portable a very important feature.
We are talking about two in one laptop as we say rather 3 in 1
because there are about three modes.

You can use this laptop first of all, you have a regular exercise mode where you front and type on the keyboard.
Next, you have tent mode where the laptop rests on the edge of the screen and the keyboard.
It’s perfect for watching movies and TV shows and stuff like that. The Leppen, by the way, is great for that.

With its 14″ full hd gps crazy hair.
Crisp resolution and realistic color finally, there’s also a tablet mode where the screen rotates 360 degrees around the keyboard. So you suddenly have a big tablet in your hands.
Of course, with a 2-in-1 touch screen, please note. Nowadays, there tends to be less space for
ports because of ventilation requirements. That is, this notebook is no different from the left side.


There we find the USB connection, namely the usb 3 point zero connection. Most of the part on this side, as mentioned above
ventilation grille.
On the other side, we find the happiness of being able to connect 2 USB ports one of which is USB-type c
and it is very nice because it means.

This laptop is ready for the future USB type c support super
fast data transfer in addition, hdmi port and microSD card slot.
We just love having lots of usb. USB port on our laptop, but let’s not forget that a small PC
opens up a lot of possibilities to expand your USB. For example, with the USB port as equipped this laptop with an i7 intel core processor and a whopping 16 gigabytes of working memory.


This means this device is also suitable for heavier tasks such as photo and video editing. And that the laptop can
tasks at that even games can play on this laptop. If
Not too graphic intensive with 512 gigabytes of memory
you don’t have to worry about running out of space.
There’s a shortage here that you can thrive with for a very long time.
Add to that great features like a backlit keyboard.

So you can work late and work and free game Thielen.
Became a very good laptop for a very friendly price.

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