ASUS VivoBook

Asus Vivobook M580vd-eb76

Asus Vivobook M580vd-eb76

When choosing a laptop asus vivobook m580vd-eb76 I will tell you right away that
This is not a gaming laptop and I will explain why. It has a 15 6 inch display.
1920 to 1080 matte, but tnk happen and other modifications where our model will run on intel core i5 processor and video card here gtx 1050.

Acoustics here company harman kardon keyboard with led
backlight. We will talk a little bit about the appearance of the frame around the display. It’s black it’s a plastic substrate around the keyboard in aluminum, the same goes for the cover aluminum. One
With one hand you can open up to the maximum opening angle of the lid. The lid itself is quite nice there is such a vertical sanding. Assembled well anywhere he I do not particularly creak and notebook is quite thin and light.


Here it is only 19 millimeters thick and weighs less than two kilograms. Now let’s have a look at the ports
there are two ports yusb 20 for some reason shoved only one yusb port 30
there is a yusb tip si but I said a set of ports is quite normal. The laptop is not very thin and not very light for us on the straight I would have preferred 2 of 30.
As for performance here gtx 1050 graphics card with two gigabytes of gddr5 video memory on board there are versions
with four gigabytes. And we have an intel core i5 7300 processor.

It has a base frequency of 25 moving on 4 cores will be 3 1 gigahertz
And per core if loaded it will be 35 gigahertz of life. This hardly ever happens when we have a laptop version too with processors. intel core i7 quite rfid little such I have here
got it in the orv letters 10. And I will probably already give up 7 in the future will be on the pis brand 10 to test but the
test of quite decent. But in general we have seen more than once a bunch of intel core i5 7300 and video card jetix 1050.

Video game

Let’s move on to the real games, despite the fact that gta says that the video memory here will not be enough. The red sticks says we are exceeding I put virtually all max settings. There
I slightly compromised and turned off the anti-aliasing and in the advanced settings I have not turned everything to maximum.
The result is quite good that is to say again this is a multimedia notebook. Do not think that it gaming he thin, lightweight and here
performance gaming is not at the head of the cornerstone, but nevertheless modern games can play here in gta.

Quite excellent on almost max settings
As for the less optimized games such as deus ex mankind, but here on medium settings will be a little slack. But there and the game is crooked and not optimized normal games like in the yard lance on medium settings fine. Sympathizes
Mass effect andromeda on medium settings it works on high settings it doesn’t hold up. Assassin’s creed syndicate will run on high settings on very high settings it will lag. That is, in general.
In general, the modern games it can handle well such a medium.
Medium-high settings.

The display

Now the display viewing angles 15 6 inches 1920 by 1080 matte display but this tn + film
In nature there are four variants of these various displays then there is tps there is also 4k and there is another 4
Which I do not really understand what they mean. It is bright enough, but I can not say that the colors are very juicy that is such colors were clava you that is the display here is not the highest quality.
The working area is covered with aluminum fingerprints are almost never left.

On the right side is the harman kardon logo in the speaker at the bottom is very good sound, here is the power button. I turn it off all the time as for the keyboard itself, it is fixed at 4 psc to hold the laptop. The keyboard at 4.4 with plus. The stroke of the keys is average in depth by default work f1 and f2 f3 through fn riot. Multimedia keys work, there is a white LED backlight. It could be seen in the viewing angles it has three modes of brightness. The touchpad here is great presses
The touchpad here is large, can be pressed anywhere of course supports multi-touch gestures I liked it was a pleasure to work with.


The stereo speakers from harman kardon have a very loud sound and the advantage of this notebook. Next is the RAM two slots in our case 16 gigabytes ddr4. Both are occupied by slots of 8 but the maximum capacity is of course 32 gigabytes. To keep the lid better here are special such pads soft.
And under them hides the actual hard drive here here he is a terabyte 5 400 rpm. But there are all versions in action ssd sata snyi about the version where the hard drive. И
created it stayed budget model here here is the processor and video card are not soldered to the motherboard.
You can not change the cooling two fans they are not very big in diameter and they are not very thick.


The laptop is not noisy, but at the same time I would like to note that this whole design I had it all overheated. Hard stress tests there temperatures were above 90 degrees it didn’t really drop frequencies holding 3.1 gigahertz. But the overheating here is small there is a future may affect on the other hand if we summarize regarding asus vivobook pro n580 form.

This is not a gaming laptop and you are unlikely to be otherwise racing super modern games or here’s how I stress-test on it racing there for
hour. And the build here is pretty good aluminum save com case it all looks stylish slim this is a laptop for work. Good sound system from harman kardon.

Backlit keyboard, as far as performance is concerned its pretty powerful core i5 processor well video card 1050. If you load something one number only processor tons of training with them. The downside is the display because
Here t and display but it is clear that the viewing angles here are not very and the colors here too taki not super saturated. Otherwise, asus vivobook pro n580 as quite interesting model in a golden chassis
Beautiful look with good stuffing.


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