Acer Swift 3 (sf314-54-56L8)

Acer Swift 3 sf314-54-56L8

This is acer swift 3 sf314-54-56L8 modification so here 14 inches 1920 by 1080 matte ps display with bezels over so thin but not
quite thin. It’s pretty cool itself, the tight hinge is such a single large hinge on both sides is fixed quite securely. And it gives the impression of a whole metal body trying
and the ball is not so fastened not too tight. To the assembly except for
The assembly, with the exception of two small ones, no other complaints.

The sound system is average for a notebook of this class.
The panel to the panel is written swift and a keyboard us naturally without a number pad. The power button is located on it by
not the same tactile stroke. It is also easy to press I know it annoys a lot of people me too.Button arrows here is located by and waited on next to them and through the fn will be and have Fun girl 2.

Macbook test

Not one of the complaints here is ok with one hand, you can open 180 degrees. Note the opening of the lid
is sometimes handy. And so the first of the little complaints is that the lid bends and is quite noticeable in the center, despite the fact that it is made of metal. Here the whole body is made of metal except for the frame around the display.Let’s look at the communications.

You can not say that the laptop is super thin all the same 18 centimeters with legs. Well, now the performance is intel core i5 and we have 4
Cores a base frequency of 16 hertz and for all four cores it would have to go up to 39. This is not what you are about to see, and the video card nvidia geforce mx 250 for 2 gigabytes of video memory benchmark crown, says that during the rendering processor frequency bla 2 and 7 gigahertz.

Let’s see a little later if this is true in games sends us a laptop acer swift 3 with s our hearts in the room how to manage rather serviced, but here you can do defragmentation disk
cleaning the medium update system. With Windows you can do, but
Some kind of control functions are not available here.
That is, no power plans like that special, no fan control no and battery saving functions.

So everything will be the standard so here. Let’s play games far
cry new house low settings. Four options will do but here all clear low settings 10 8 in 720p.
And in one case underworld done in the other is not done that is the default setting.

Video game

Tanks accordingly we have ultra settings among settings all the same here already raising frequencies. The bottom line is all the tanks have less CPU load from inexplicable. She ultra you can not play. On medium you can play. The question is why do you need such a laptop if you’re going to play games.

Let’s see the hertz 5 benchmark the full hd but the lowest
low settings in general it is possible to play. 40 fps it gives out but then play gears 5 on low settings.

14 inches with high temperatures and low graphics settings but if you want you can and screen and viewing angles 14 inches 920 by 1080 matte ps display arx nowhere written. The gist is
Everything is not 300 here there is maybe 250. It is actually not very bright I even said probably 250, but the viewing angles
good traditionally here everything is normal.


The battery is 48 per hour or four thousand 400 milliamps an hour and it’s a 12 percent battery hour movie.
It’s about 10 gigabytes I have 25 percent two hours that is just under 8 hours you can count on.
Spin full hd movies that not bad cooling system, there is one heat pipe, the processor and the video card. Unplugged
That it is on the motherboard pretty compact one radiator and one fan we have all this stuff cools.

That is it didn’t work it would go into overdrive from 200 megahertz we basically won.
This is already quite good closely it is a hard stress test parallel still hevan or running. Well, in games count on
clean somewhere 2 and 5 2 and 7 depending on the games you can play around let’s say there injection up to 20 will increase already at your
at your own risk.

We have the same 1718 gigahertz and the temperature is nothing short take away the load on the video card and test only the processor. And here we are just getting 2 and 5 frequency.
Our temperature is even a little bit lower because the video card is not heating the general cooling system.

Because we have excluded from the overall system of power supply. So that’s pretty much everything you’d expect here. Now what about the noise, let’s measure first without the notebook, in general it
absolutely silent.
And it is necessary to notice, that it and under a full load that not especially noisy becomes it is the big plus.


And so with three is of trees 1458 by the way means that here is a discrete graphics card without it he would
just called 58. The build is good here, a nice screen with good viewing angles and the play is a great scanner
Fingerprint, backlit keyboard of course the bad thing is that it turns off by itself, after a while but this sin many ultrabooks.

Typical design for ultrabooks of this type.
Let’s warm up what this thing is looking at and 8 degrees but that’s to be expected and we have a frequency of 16 or so gigahertz that is actually
basic. Something is the processor no Tarbut here is no longer used this is like not very good would like more than
we saw in the games as well. Big and in benchmark was also bigger
make underworld at -80 millivolt properties because it didn’t hold less for me.

So it’s not to blame for a good cooling system for such a configuration. For this type of machine and
Moreover, it should be noted that it is really very quiet and by the way quite long time works without recharging.

Our notebook acer swift 3 is powered by such a composite adapter for 65 watt with its own connector.
The package is good enough, but I don’t want to pick on it too much.

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