We have an Acer g277HL  monitor. It’s 27 inches wide, and as it is, to be perfectly honest.
Color clarity, etc., and how good it is.I’m not going to complain,
because it’s a very good monitor and it’s almost affordable to me.


Looking to add a little bit more detail, which as you know is actually a full 4k. So it does have a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080  it has HDMI DVI and DisplayPort output.

And it also has a 4 millisecond response time, which is absolutely perfect for gaming.
However there is one downfall about this speaker is only 5 watts
And isn’t that loud and isn’t it?
There is a lot of bass, but to be honest.
Use it as a gaming monitor that you like.
Like you have to use it for justice that you know you’re going to look amazing, with an amazing acoustic setup.

In fact, look at how well it works
How good it looks on the ps4.
It’s probably set up to full 1080p, so honestly, it looks absolutely amazing. So come on guys like you.
I see I’m starting my 3rd black op.
On the ps4, as you can see, and on the stand…

It’s actually set as 1080p, so go ahead and
jump in and watch it, so there you go.
Now we have in the menu that I made.

Multiplayer and just do a local match that she can’t look around at and see what the actual picture quality is. Just look a lot of shadows and different
beautiful effects , all the details of gravity.
The crisp is actually very good.

At the same time just incredible to pay attention to detail
you can see absolutely all the little scratches that
In fact, I did not notice.
The monitor, you can actually see the carbon
fibrous effect, a little bit more grain to the grass there a little bit better, so.
Overall it’s a very crystal clear monitor, and I actually
money to go out and buy it.

This monitor is very slim for the inputs you have DVI VGA and HDMI key, it also has a built-in speaker which is different from
my camera has been watching me view it in the
in the past. So you can play music from there.But we haven’t figured out how to work that is still a work in progress, so take note.


Hell yeah, I certainly wouldn’t without a shadow of a doubt that I would actually buy this monitor. Because look at the
the colors there you can see all the different shades of pink tones in the sky, all the different shades in the sky, so yeah.
Definitely two thumbs up.
It’s a good product and actually at a very affordable price.

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