this Acer Aspire, 3 models, 315 –41 – r3 RF made in early 2018 it includes AMD growth n mobile APU with mega graphics at an affordable price. But is it worth buying well, so let’s start this review?

Talking about the construction of this machine as you can see it is made with plastic both outside and inside The inside is pretty plastic, it looks like brushed aluminum. And I have to say, it looks very elegant however it doesn’t attract fingerprints, the palm rest is very easy to smudge and so if you plan on being a perfectionist with your computers this is not the machine you want to buy Because it attracts dust.


The a315–41–r3rf notebook includes a 320 200 UMobile AMD growth APU clocked at 2.5 gigahertz this also has 8 gigabytes of dual-channel ddr3. It has a 1 terabyte hard drive, it has a Radeon Vega three mobile GPU with one gigabyte of total video memory. And the optical drive, unfortunately, is missing on this laptop, which is a little more dopey, but I can see why because the battery is in place of the optical drive. Which makes sense because in the feel of things, and thin faces in the back so they can’t put the battery in.

If they want to do it with a removable battery, so the corners had to be cut out to make that design work, but
at the end of the day, I think that’s fine. For most people, because I don’t see a hell of a lot of people using the optical drive on laptops anymore. Anyway, whatever it does not make a big difference there is one USB 3.0 port on the left side.

The laptop in addition to the SD card slot, so that should appease some people, but. I guess not everyone wants to talk about the display further now because it is the weak point of this laptop. I’ll admit now the viewing angles that it’s a cheap TN panel and it’s spectacular, but not others.

I mean, if you’re looking at it dead–on. Colors are subtle, brightness is great sharpness. Contrast is a little weak and similar to me noted that the viewing angles.


Actually surprisingly solid now I don’t Include keyboard audio samples while I’m typing just… Because it’s kind of pointless for a laptop keyboard, but I will say that it was surprisingly solid to type on it was a little sticky…

While this is by no means a professional quality keyboard it probably is.
Get the job done, especially if you’re a student, so the sound on this laptop is a little tinny, it doesn’t have much dynamic range. however. decently clear and loud, so there’s another example

I didn’t know if it would show up on the screen if it was blue or not. From my side and look blue now the actual gameplay instead of the benchmark.

The numbers that everyone usually uses seem to work pretty well, as you can see that the FPS marks remain higher than I know in the high 40s and 50s. that’s where they stopped.
And it’s very comfortable to play on this laptop.


With the average preset at 720p, if I were to push it to a high setting you’d probably see it closer to a 30-year experience but would be introduced more stuttering. I think the reason the stutter creeps in is that it hits the maximum lap limit around one gig.

So that’s why it starts creeping in is to get away from where you’re probably going to see better laptop performance.
Finally, for the most intense game on the list, we have Sleeping Dogs. The final edition of this game is the worst of them all, though it wasn’t unplayable with an average preset at 720p. This results in an average FPS of 34 with a 1% low of 24 FPS and 0.1% low of 3 FPS this game struggled in the combat portion.

As you can see, there have been several dips here.
in the 20s that was noticeable, but it didn’t affect the gameplay in all that I would say it was like a console port or console-rated fps if you want to put it that way, like xbox360. Level or something, probably still giving it a little more fidelity than that particular version, but still, this game is absolute without a doubt.

Bringing this notebook to its absolute limit and in this beginning is very clear.
At that stage, when the struggle was just intense on this laptop, but in the scheme of if I were evaluating these laptops.
The game with this game. I’m saying its game–playable, maybe it’s worth scrolling through the settings to the minimum before you’re trying to get into these combat units. Because you can tell on the scene, and it was also reflective when I played without screen recording that it was very difficult to get that fight to the end with T. When the FPS fluctuates all over the place with all the characters on the screen.

Not worth complaining about too many games if I can’t even play. But let’s just say that a laptop… capable of playing this game, but don’t expect any amazing performance.
About that now some people want to know about battery life and needless to say battery life on this laptop is not great, but I suppose it should be.


Subjectively I would say yes because at the price I bought this laptop at which was two hundred and eighty dollars. I think it’s great. The value for money, given the hardware, you’re going to start by tripling that. APU, however, I understand the concerns about things like the build quality and battery life.

But overall, I suppose, if you want. a pretty inexpensive laptop that rides to do everything you need it to do on a budget there’s nothing wrong with that laptop right there. If you’re used to using Windows 10 and you don’t mind a little reduction in the build quality department is fine. And I think it’s a pretty solid laptop for the money.

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